Ron Harris Kara Duhe


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Crouching like a house kitty is Ron Harris Kara Duhe. This blonde girl has amazing locks that wave and curl effortlessly, framing her gorgeous face. Kara is feeling the pose of being on all fours and she’s getting all seductive with it. She keeps a stare on camera with her mouth partly open and she pushes her upper body forward. She puts her hands as support near her knees and we can see a nice cleavage peeping through her white bra top. Kara also pushes her fine butt out in her pose. Overall, Kara Duhe has a healthy and flawless skin from head to foot.

Ron Harris Fae Valentine


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Let Rod Harris Fae Valentine shows you a thing or two about how to work a nice long cock while being on top. She uses a clear penis shaped dildo with an impressive size… just like the real thing! With her body down on the floor, Fae bends down on that toy as if she’s dominating a submissive stud. Her blonde hair is being blown by the light breeze on set and she gives a seductive stare while sticking her tongue out… just about to lick the tip of that dildo. She holds on to the toy securely and her other hand holds the floor before she dives deep.

Ron Harris Gracie Glam


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Nailing an easy and beautiful profile shot outdoors is the beautiful Ron Harris Gracie Glam. It sure was a sunny and awesome day when this shoot was taken and we even had a nice breeze to blow on Gracie’s stunning face. As her hair is being blown back and away from her face, she leans her head back to position her lips to the level of the tip of that clear dildo. Not taking it all just yet, she gives a fierce look on camera and rubs her pink lips on her toy. Can’t wait to see Grace working on the real thing with her mouth and pussy.

Ron Harris Holly VanHaugh


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It was a perfect day to go out and chill by the porch! Every morning, it has been a habit of Ron Harris Holly VanHaugh to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and take in the cool winds greeting her. Today, we get to appreciate the eye catching looks of this beautiful and fresh gal instead of the view on her background. Holly, has long blonde hair and it gets a nice lift from the breeze blowing to her face. She gives a nice smirk on camera as she holds on tight to the ledge of the terrace. The fit of her night dress hugs her body perfectly, giving us her sexy silhouette.

Ron Harris Ashlyn Rae


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Despite the breathtaking background in the living room, all eyes are on the vibrant and cheerful Ron Harris Ashlyn Rae. This girl is the breezy brunette that will get your attention at first glance. Facing up front to the camera with her head slightly tilted to the side, Ashlyn flashes her pretty smile on camera with her pearly whites shining like diamonds. Her eyes are just as expressive and her wavy flying hair adds to the easiness of this shot. Since Ashlyn has fair and flawless skin all over, this colorful dress she’s wearing sure works for her and it fits her sexy body.

Ron Harris Meggan Malone


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Making use of the corner space on set is Ron Harris Meggan Malone. Given a simple space and background for today’s shoot, blondie Meggan’s good looks are on the spotlight! This pretty girl leans her back against the wall and holds on to it to somehow give an interesting frame to her face. Looking over her shoulder, she slightly slouches her lower body to give us a peek of her bust size and flawless skin. Her legs are just smooth and worth strolling your fingers on for a whole day. She lifts one leg up to somehow cover her treasure in between.

Ron Harris Nikita


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Like an angel shot from the heavens, Ron Harris Nikita has just landed on set with such impressive good looks. Our pretty girl has that touch of innocence on her face. The angle that she positioned herself on works well on this profile shot. With a nice blowing breeze flowing to her face, Nikita gives a nice stare and a humble smile on camera while letting her blonde locks lift. She has a nice skin tone that is emphasized by her light blue and sort of see through night dress. From this angle, if you look closely, we can see her round breasts topped with her tiny nipples.

Ron Harris Julia Crown


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Someone in the romance section of the library is hanging out and waiting for a nice book remake on actual instances. Meet Ron Harris Julia Crown. She might be the type of campus girl who is a girl next door type and has a lot of friends but this shoot makes her look like she’ll get you into some trouble… in a hot way, that is. She leans on the book shelf on one of the library’s isle, letting her blonde hair flow down to her shoulders. She gives us a nice smile with that book on her hand. She gives a nice shape to her body and it seems like she’s not wearing anything underneath that mesh-like mini skirt.

Ron Harris Misty Anderson


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Sporty girls never fail to nail a very interesting shot… just like the gorgeous and sexy Ron Harris Misty Anderson. Hopping on a stool by the living room window, Misty angles her amazing body to the side to give us a nice full look of her figure. With her head facing the camera, we get to appreciate her gorgeous face and her dark long hair that flows to her back and shoulders. She has a nice bust size and that top reveals her round shaped hooters. As she arcs her back on the chair, she gets to emphasize her fine ass too.

Ron Harris Nikki Brooks


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Talk about having a lot of fun on set and showing it in pictures! Ron Harris Nikki Brooks nails a really fun shot that will keep you locked in for quite a while. The wind is blowing her blonde brown hair and it is being pushed away from her beautiful face. She’s really in the moment and you can see it in her eyes and the way she opens her mouth with excitement. The neckline of her dress reveals her cleavage that is not that visible, giving us a clue that she has a normal sized bust. But, good thing about her outfit is that it hugs her well, showing us that Nikki is a sexy gal.